Shopping Policy

We, for the most part, utilize shipping techniques as UPS, TNT, EMS, DHL FedEx and Sodexo to deliver your requests and the following numbers are accessible when the requests dispatched, And you can get your requests in 5 to 9 days. It would be ideal if you ensure your delivery address is right. So you can get the bundle directly.

For the traditions clearer, we have numerous strategies and encounters, so your bundle is constantly sheltered? also, 99% of the requests are alright for conveyance.

Here we might want to discuss the special cases:

1. In the event that the bundle has an issue in our nation Customs, we will be mindful and will resend all requests for nothing, you will not need to pay some other charges.

2. Yet, on the off chance that your bundle is held by your nation Customs, you should contact the Customs of your nation, and work with them on the best way to make your requests discharge from your nation Customs. we won’t be mindful in these cases, we can do nothing upon this. furthermore, your cash won’t be discounted, on the grounds that we do have dispatched the requests in time and paid for the delivery charges.

All bundles must be marked for. On the off chance that nobody is home to get your bundle, at that point it will be held in your nearby post until the point when you can sign for the bundle. we remain behind each item we offer. On the off chance that for any reason you are not content with your request once you get it. You can send it back to us, we will discount the estimation of shirts to your next requests. All things must be in new unworn condition.

All world is opened administration. Much obliged to you for your help and comprehension.